So much for Faux News, in particular, with its repuke conspired anti Biden propaganda and their gutter polls farting out ridiculously unrealistic polls against President Biden. Yet the truth and the majority of America are not suckers who supersede any and all of these efforts of the external and internal enemy from within that are also waging war on society and the common decency of humanity on Earth with their rancid lies and projections. Additionally, as hell bound tRump repuke suckers on the taxpayer's money too who's pompous and arrogant self worth amounts to that of a dung beetle turd. Vote Blue wave to finally flush the toxic red wave away that along with tRump caused the over 800,000 COVI-19 deaths of American citizens. This includes and to which also caused inflation due to supply chain management crisis, and that has been wreaking havoc on society and humanity for much too long. Its time for a change from the toxic red wave experience, which has been dreadful to say the least:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s popularity improved substantially from his lowest point this summer, but concerns about his handling of the economy persist, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Support for Biden recovered from a low of 36% in July to 45%, driven in large part by a rebound in support from Democrats just two months before the November midterm elections. During a few bleak summer months when gasoline prices peaked and lawmakers appeared deadlocked, the Democrats faced the possibility of blowout losses against Republicans.

Their outlook appears better after notching a string of legislative successes that left more Americans ready to judge the Democratic president on his preferred terms: “Don’t compare me to the Almighty. Compare me to the alternative.”

The president’s approval rating remains underwater, with 53% of U.S. adults disapproving of him, and the economy continues to be a weakness for Biden. Just 38% approve of his economic leadership as the country faces stubbornly high inflation and Republicans try to make household finances the axis of the upcoming vote."