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Thread: Mar-a- lago - Whys

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    Default Mar-a- lago - Whys

    Why did Trump take the documents and then not turn them over. Reasons and apologetics will fill the news and online but why. Thoughts?

    'Why Did Trump Take Classified Documents in the First Place?'

    'More pressing answers are needed for what the former president intended to do with sensitive information the FBI uncovered.'

    Footnote: If you go to this site check out the panels on the left, interesting articles and OPs.

    Book note: I am rereading this history and thought I'd add it here and in my reading thread. Interesting and deep look in the alt-right.
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    It's hard to say without knowing more details about the contents of the confiscated materials. The Roger Stone pardon is weird; why that? Can a presidential pardon be undone? Is Stone suspected to be in cahoots with some domestic or foreign enemies? Why weren't the allegedly-taken passports mentioned in the receipt? Were they kept in one of the boxes and not noticed till they got them to wherever they went? Or is #TRE45ON lying about them being taken to get his flying monkeys all stirred up?
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    I read the article, but I think that there is a number 4 reason for Trump to have taken the top secret documents, and seeing, that Trump's finances are on shaky ground, Trump could have converted these sensitive document to cash; that I won't put past him.
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