I think that they way Biden has flouted the Constitution and Federal law in the matter of opening the Southern Border and encouraging literally millions of non-White, illegal aliens to reside in America, is the most flagrant and shameless assault upon everything: every characteristic American principle, value, moral tenent, attitude and conception of "the good life."

You can, in a sense, easily hold the nation of America in one hand - just pick up the "Declaration of Independence" and the Constitution/Bill of Rights and hold the two documents. Those two documents ARE America. If ever it happens that a US government shreds these pieces of paper, then they would no longer governing the nation you call America.

Both the Declaration of Independence" and the Constitution/Bill of Rights were largely inspired by one man, namely John Locke. Like the Founding Fathers, John Locke was a man of the Western Enlightenment - the great intellectual movement that swept through Western Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries