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Thread: Corrupted Souls Label Honest Ancestors Legally Insane

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    Default Corrupted Souls Label Honest Ancestors Legally Insane

    and win every political debate there after.

    Another night couldn't sleep with my brain racing against relative time logistics leading this species to self extinction over chasing eternal life, power to control time, own the world promising life exists beyond what biology sustains here now.

    two sides of any issue 0 or 1. Against us or with us. Damn you if you don't, all hell lasts when you do.

    What is the missing link to life in plain sight at being homo sapien reproductions mutually evolving or intellectual human beings of contextual typecast characters on a world stage.

    Pathway to better tomorrows is a one way bridge between cradle to grave, eternal life is immortal intellectual soul, but living comes packaged reproductions replacing past ancestry with arriving great great grandchildren keeping liffe 5 generations deep until extinction of whatever species has reproduction occupying time here now.

    I came up with my own symbolic way of mapping results between human behavior cradle to grave and instincts giving each reproduction a sense of self while mutually evolving here conceived to dead, because after dead the evolving since conception inverts cellular back to periodic elements sustaining shape and form of the body lived as one of a kind replacing previous ancestry and either did or didn't become another generations ancestry delivered last generation of ancestor born. Simple compounding DNA of one lifetime at a time here.

    Anyway, why I chose origami to map my ideas instead of context working literal, linear, figurative, relative, socially justified truths used to suppress instinctive awareness in every arriving great great grandchild serving a form of humanity governed by laws that rule social behavior cradle to grave in either scripture or context of what people believed ow living should evolve while occupying space inhabiting the moment here.

    Two sides of a sheet of paper each side has a separate path a person or people chose to follow willingly following ideas of better tomorrows or coerced by mob rule to obey rule of law or else.

    Image other side Image

    when folded into form the opposite sides make two separated forms each an inversion of the other.

    Image other side Image

    Realites are governed by the suggestion think outside a box, other side, life evolves with everything linked to evolving at the same time.

    here is the riddle, where are the other 3 colors not in plain sight, but there on the opposite side anyway as each form has the other form inside it since it was one sheet of paper folded in opposing ways of the same origin. Inorganic and ancestral use of one periodic table between eroding and decomposing results timed apart now.
    Every brain born has a lifetime conflict with ancestral displacement and intellectual social position within the population present. Why, life is a compounding connection between inception, conception, death, extinction life doesn't exceed what exists now.

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    Default I’m not this chump change welfare from the Bronx.

    Look what I got for Christmas. Happy 40th!

    I was peddling dope on the side.

    You see what I did. That’s none of grandmas business. She probably knows the owner of the building.
    Watch her spin her wheels.

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