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Thread: Ohio gerrymandered map deemed unconstitutional

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    Default Ohio gerrymandered map deemed unconstitutional

    New Ohio Legislative District Maps Unconstitutional

    New maps for Ohio House and Senate districts must be re-drawn. The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today that the maps do not meet voter-approved provisions of the Ohio Constitution to reduce partisan political gerrymandering.

    In a 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court concluded the maps are invalid because the Ohio Redistricting Commission did not attempt to draw legislative districts that correspond with the statewide voter preference of Ohioans.

    In the opinion, the Court went step-by-step through the redistricting process, noting, “All parties agreed that in statewide partisan elections over the past decade, Republican candidates had won 54 percent of the vote share and Democratic candidates had won 46 percent of the vote share.”

    However, the Ohio House map adopted by the commission favored Republicans with 67 seats to 32 Democratic seats, and the Ohio Senate map favored Republicans with 23 seats to 10 Democratic seats.

    The Court concluded that the maps did not meet the required proportionality in Article XI, Section 6(B) of the constitution."

    Actually, the seditious and un-American repuke insurgency should be officially declared un-Constitutional and an enemy of the State that also should be disbanded and for each seditious creep to be investigated and prosecuted for sedition and other conspiracies against Democracy and society.

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    Tin Soldiers and Nixon coming we're
    finally on our own,this summer I hear the drumming
    4 dead in Ohio!
    How many more?
    Tie Your 'roo down Mate

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