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Thread: Another House Republican Who Voted For Trumpís Impeachment Bows Out

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    Default Another House Republican Who Voted For Trumpís Impeachment Bows Out

    Good and good for Democracy as a result of democrats winning numerous special elections and adding to the democratic House majority too:

    Rep. John Katko (R-NY) announced his retirement Friday, making him the third House Republican who voted to impeach ex-President Donald Trump to leave the chamber.

    He joins Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH).

    ďAfter 32 years of public service, I have decided not to seek re-election to Congress, so that I can enjoy my family and life in a fuller and more present way,Ē Katko wrote on his Facebook page. ďMy conscience, principles, and commitment to do whatís right have guided every decision Iíve made as a Member of Congress, and they guide my decision today.Ē

    ďGreat news, another one bites the dust,Ē Trump crowed. ďKatko, from Upstate New York, is gone!Ē

    Democrat Cherfilus-McCormick wins special election to fill House seat in Florida

    Reclaiming Hastingsí seat will increase the Democratsí slender House majority to 222-212, leaving room for no more than four Democratic defections as Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries moving her partyís bills through the House. For much of 2021, that margin was three.

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    Oh for Christ's sake.

    Get a life you alt-lefties.

    I think Trump is a manchild.
    And I do not for a SECOND believe the elections were 'fake'.

    But enough is enough.
    The guy is long gone from office.
    I guarantee you he is NEVER going to be POTUS again.
    No matter what the fucking polls say.

    Get over yourselves and get on with rebuilding America's economy without causing massive inflation - after all the destruction you 'Covid lockdown fanatics' put it through.

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