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After it’s divided up, it becomes “revenue” for those people and is taxed as income for them.
It doesn't become revenue, it becomes income.

Revenue is not income.

People can't make revenue, they make an income.

You definitely have COVID brain.

So you think the government should add ANOTHER layer of taxation to that?

That's a big "Yes indeedly do neighborino"

In other words, tax the total revenue of the corporation
No one has proposed that.

All anyone has proposed is increasing taxes on corporate profits, which is what Warren is talking about with regard to corporations. You are conflating "revenue" with "profit" and "income" because you don't know what any of them actually are.

Revenue doesn't get taxed, profits do.

If you don't make any profit, then you don't pay tax on it.

If you make profit, you pay tax on it.

There is no way that taxing profit is going to eliminate profit unless the tax rate is 100%, which no one is suggesting.

When you look at your paycheck, does it say income tax or revenue tax?