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Thread: What gifts will Chris Cumo give to big brother this holiday?

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    Default What gifts will Chris Cumo give to big brother this holiday?

    Nobody can drag you faster to misery and despair, than a loving caring family member. Chris why would you want to protect a big brother who you know good a damn well was guilty as sin? Now your ass is on shut down, his ass in on shut down and the Cuomo brand, like the name Trump......A FUCKIN BIG JOKE!!

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    Because he is/was an idiot... who provided 'journalistic' information to a whole slew of other idiots who tuned in to hear him on a nightly basis.

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    Default MMI Preparatory School

    I wore a uniform with a blue vest and a tie to school.

    That’s my brother from another mother. They’re at the house. For whatever reason they talk the same talk
    and walk the same walk. With out getting to into it.

    Hunting season I’m running around with a rifle. I drive a dirt bike. I chew tobacco at work and just sit there and
    do nothing. You can’t stay here. You have to leave. The docs kid. It’s the mooch, get it.

    It’s this!

    Mom what school did you go to?
    The same as everyone else. Public

    Let me ask the bear what to do.

    Remember I’m a native New Yorker. There’s much much more!

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