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but you keep never saying a word about the superspreaders coming across the border
with no testing and no mandatory vaxxing
Where to start with this lie?

Let's start with the most obvious, glaring lie that border traffic in Texas has anything to do with Florida...as anyone can tell you, FL is a peninsula and doesn't share an international border with anyone.

The second lie is Anatta claiming migrants are "superspreaders", even though the countries they are coming from have much lower infection, per capita case counts, and per capita deaths than FL does.

The third lie is Anatta claiming they haven't been tested or vaccinated...and you can tell that's a lie because he says in the same sentence that they are superspreaders.

Well, how could they be superspreaders, how could you know they are even carriers if they're not tested, as Anatta claimed?

So Anatta is being a racist and xenophobe too because he's trying to make it sound like the people coming from countries who are handling COVID much better than FL ever has are spreading COVID in his stupid state, when it's him who has been telling people not to get vaccinated or wear a mask because they have "natural immunity."

Which brings me to the fourth lie from Anatta: conflating 'natural immunity" with antibodies, that can disappear as early as 30 days post-infection, according to the NIH.