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Thread: Red flashing WARNING for TRUMPPERS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Life is Golden View Post
    Half of those in the hospital are mild cases anyway.
    How would you know? Do you spend your time in hospitals, or do you spend your time shitposting on JPP?

    Your posting history seems to indicate you spend all your time on when would you have had a chance to go to the hospital to witness this?

    (Obviously, I know you're bullshitting; you know you're bullshitting; everyone knows you're bullshitting)
    "While you're worried about bad apples
    We're wary of the roots
    Because no healthy tree
    Naturally bears strange fruit"

    -Jessica Foster, June 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by christiefan915 View Post
    He was never up by 97% on election night. That was trump's claim about some unknown bookie prediction: "At 10:00 P.M. on Election Evening, we were at 97% win with the so-called 'bookies'," Trump tweeted."
    That's what the news said. I wasn't watching "Trump claims", I was watching the news.

    What I meant to say is: Trump was way ahead with 97% of the votes in. That's when they stopped the counting.

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