Agent 006 & 7/8ths reports that ‘President’ Biden is posing for his official White House portrait before he checks out. The painting has him posing atop a steaming pile of human excrement. Biden’s busy schedule requires numerous sittings; so a new pile of shit is brought in for every sitting.

NOTE: Hillary Clinton posed for her First Lady portrait wearing a black pantsuit.

Years after Hillary Clinton was unemployed a drape was placed over her first lady portrait after it morphed into Dorian Gray:

Incidentally, soon-to-be President Kamala Harris’ presidential portrait will show her sucking on a salami.

On the bright side, after President Harris buys the house a round of blow jobs at those International summits she will become the first U.S. president that presidential historians call Good Sport.

Finally, the Democrat Party’s bench makes me wonder how dopey the New World Order crowd’s conspiracy was since they could have rigged the election for anybody. One would think they could have found someone in their bullpen smarter than Joe Biden.

Or maybe a black woman who is dumber than Biden taking over was the conspiracy from the beginning: