The Tampa Bay Rays are knocked out after having won 100 games in the regular season.

Speaking not just as a Red Sox fan but also as a baseball fan, it's good that the Rays got knocked because the Rays are ruining baseball.

Their using analytics to contend with nickel and dime payrolls is destroying the very nature of the game.
but what I'm about to say is going to piss the Players' Association off.

We've no need for small market teams. We've no need for teams like the Rays to win 100 games while playing in front of empty chairs at home all season long.

MLB is supposed to be a PREMIER league showcasing the elite players of baseball.
There are not enough elite players walking the earth at the same time to fill thirty MLB rosters

Teams that are not in rabid markets supported by lucrative local cable TV deals
and capable of fielding 150,000,000 dollar payroll teams
comprised of genuinely elite players
don't belong in MLB.

It means fewer jobs for the players association, and for that, I'm sorry.
But baseball is not an essential industry. It's sports entertainment. Teams like the Tampa Bay Rays are NOT entertaining.
That's why they can win 100 games and still not draw flies at home.

If Tampa/St. Pete can't support a real major league roster, it isn't supposed to have an MLB team.
Florida baseball is March. That's when you play baseball in Florida. Spring training.

Now my Red Sox, a real MLB market team, get to play the Houston Astros, a team that we've been unable to beat all year.
But at least we knocked out the Rays. We'll see what happens.