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Thread: Sigmund Freud vs. Carl Jung

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypress View Post
    Well said.

    I have plenty of posts/threads illustrating the ignorance, repression, and unrestrained violence of Muslim and Christian fundamentalists.

    I just do not feel an obligation to be relentlessly and incessantly hostile to world Christianity and Islam, especially when I know better than that via my adventures in university higher education and historical scholarship.
    Agreed....nor be an apologist for the actions of others under the name of Christianity, Islam or Atheism.
    Stripping Americans of their rights, regardless if unalienable or unenumerated, is against American ideals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmal View Post
    Exactly, it’s why I’m more attracted to Eastern, pagan, Native American spirituality than Judeao/Christianity.
    I recently read something about the Baghavad Gita which I think expresses a very generous and pluralistic way of accommodating the tapestry of all world religious and spiritual traditions.

    In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says “humans come to me in different ways, but whatever path they choose is mine.”

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