DHS grants deportation amnesty for 100,000 Haitians
By Stephen Dinan
Saturday, May 22, 2021


DHS my ass. The United Nations dictates every facet of immigration.

A minimum of research will show that Obama was not the first president to admit aliens on his non-existent moral authority. One of the worst examples was Bush the Elder reversing the correct immigration policy, and legalized Haitian Boat People when they came here for economic reasons. Where he got the authority is still a mystery. It is not stretching it too thin to say that a presidentís moral view on immigration is a crucial prop in an imperial presidency.

Unfortunately for Americans, political asylum morphed into economic asylum, open-borders, and tens of millions of illegal immigrants. Individuals no longer have to prove they are the targets of government persecution. These days, groups claiming a hard life in their native land is defined by the United Nations as government persecution.

Parenthetically, the Irish came here as legal immigrants because of Irelandís Potato Famine. That should have been a warning against taking in millions for economic reasons. In the course of political evolution every president can now decide that illegal immigration also qualifies for economic political asylum. As you can see, the Chicago sewer rat did not change the definition of political asylum after Bush the Elder opened the door, but he took full advantage of it to further his image as the nationís spiritual leader. A Muslim spiritual leader to be sure.

NOTE: I never saw a year-end roundup list of over-reported stories for obvious reasons. Over-reporting a story means the government is trying to convince the public the importance of one thing or another. Spotting an over-reported story is easy. The public does not care one iota, but the stories keep coming. Aftermath stories of natural disasters in foreign countries are great examples of over-reporting. Such stories quickly turn into charity hustles. The tsunami that devastated parts of Indonesia in 2004, and the earthquake that demolished Haiti are business models for anybody who is looking for a career in charity hustling.

Incidentally, I remember the days when Bubba was a one man cottage industry for the MSM. Nowadays, he cannot get himself arrested. So I cannot say that money changed hands between Bush and the Clinton criminal enterprise, or then-Secretary of State Clinton simply did not want an unemployed husband hanging around the house playing grab-ass with his latest doxy. Whatever the reason, Mrs. Bubba pressured Ban Ki-moon into giving Bill the job:

The UN is expected to name Bill Clinton as its special envoy to Haiti in a move that could capitalise on the ex-president's years of involvement with the impoverished nation to burnish the international body's image there.

An official announcement is thought likely to be made tomorrow by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Clinton's spokesman Matt McKenna said today.

UN peacekeepers have provided the only real security in Haiti since 2004, and are helping training the country's under-equipped national police force to retake control eventually.

But protesters and some Haitian lawmakers denounce the international troops as an occupation force and have called for them to leave.

Clinton himself is popular among many of Haiti's poor, however, for using the threat of military force to oust a dictatorship in 1994.

US Army troops and Marines then quickly arrived to pave the way for the return of elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who had been deposed in a coup.

Aristide was later ousted again in a 2004 rebellion and flown into exile aboard a US plane. Some Haitians still hope for his return.

This March, Clinton toured the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince with the UN chief to encourage investment after a year that saw a food crisis, destabilising riots and four devastating tropical storms.

The following month, he attended a donors conference in Washington that resulted in pledges of $324 million for the struggling country. Haiti is the hemisphere's poorest nation and been mired for decades in political and social turmoil.

Because of his marriage to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, State Department lawyers must approve and review some of Clinton's international activities under an agreement between the US Senate and the Clinton Foundation, which works in Haiti on a number of issues including health care, AIDS, the environment and economic development.

Officials said the State Department is aware of the appointment but could not immediately say if its lawyers have signed off on it. UN officials did not immediately comment.

Haiti does not currently have a special UN envoy, and it is not clear what Clinton's duties will be. The Miami Herald, which first reported the appointment, said he will be expected to visit the Caribbean country a two-hour flight from Miami at least four times a year.

Clinton visited Haiti as president in 1995 and again in 2003. Hillary Clinton has also visited several times, most recently for an April meeting with President Rene Preval en route to the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad.

Bill Clinton to be named special envoy to Haiti
Former US president's new post to be formally announced tomorrow
Monday 18 May 2009

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/may/18/bill-cli nton-haiti-un-envoy

To this day, the money is harder to find in Haiti than is finding Jimmy Hoffaís final resting place:

US election 2016: What really happened with the Clintons in Haiti?
By Jude Sheerin
BBC News, Washington
2 November 2016