When dealing with data points, there is a concept called the 'source of truth', which is the one source that you should use as the 'true' source. The idea is to have a single agreed upon value for a given data point.

So, what are the 'sources of truth' for election results? There are several of them throughout the process:

- Voters register to vote based on rules implemented by the state
- Poll workers determine a persons eligibility and track who has voted
- Votes are counted
- Votes are reported by precinct
- The state certifies the vote
- If the election is close, a recount may be conducted per state law
- If there are legal disputes, the courts resolve them
- Electors are assigned based on state laws and on election results
- Electors vote for President and Vice President
- Congress certifies the vote

These are the sources of truth, and the result of those 'source of truth' data points was that Joe Biden easily won the election.

So, the question for the Trump cult is.... since you reject the current source of truth, what do you want to replace it with? Donald Trump picks who runs the country? Fox News? MyPillow guy? What would satisfy you? What system do you want in place to decide our Presidential election?