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Thread: From the bottom of my heart. Thank you President Trump

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    Default From the bottom of my heart. Thank you President Trump

    I just want to express my sincere gratitude to President Donald J Trump. When he ran in 2015, he was not my first choice in the primary. I thought he was a democrat plant. Then I watched him storm his way through the GOP primary taking out formidable establishment types that in any other year would have won the nomination handily. Trump buried them. He exposed them.

    I voted for him in 2016 not because he was the lesser of two evils but because I was tired of do nothing Republicans and treasonous democrats and I did not want Scalias seat falling in the hands of that cunt Hillary Clintoon.

    Then he won and then he did something I never thought would happen. He actually started working on keeping his promises. For first four years despite unprecedented assaults from the democrats, the media and even his own party he persevered.

    He sacrificed everything for us. He was in his 70s and a multi billionaire loved by the left. He could have just laid low and watched the country fall to shit, but he stood up to be counted. He put his family at risk.

    I will be forever grateful. MAGA is not dead. We will fight on.

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    best president of all time.

    He woke the patriots up to the leftist scum in our country


    Quote Originally Posted by Mott the Hoople View Post
    Grind is basically right
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmal View Post
    Grindís got you beat by miles. He is very intelligent.

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    For all his faults, he did what no one else could do, and he did it before he was even inaugurated. I believe he saved America from a terrible fate.

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