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Thread: Fire Department OK With 2nd Floor Fire Escape Window Being Screwed Shut By Landlord

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    Default Fire Department OK With 2nd Floor Fire Escape Window Being Screwed Shut By Landlord

    (See included text photo for clarity.)

    One of the fire inspectors told me that the reason that this meets the fire departments standards (when they came to my residence upon my request Friday December 11 2020 to inspect the living condition in my residence regarding my landlord screwing the window shut to the fire escape) is that 10 or less people living in the building and two exits in the building meets the Fire Departments standards. Thinking back (I hadn't slept in a couple of days) she either said 10 people or 10 units or perhaps tenants and at the time I had never previously counted the units but since they left I have.

    I live in a 13 residential unit, old and very high ceiling building. So now I'm thinking that just because 11 of the 13 units are not currently occupied, my safety precautions are limited living here?! I don't deserve the precautionary measures others get because there are not enough people living here at this moment in time?! How many other peoples lives are subject to similar living conditions or have died due to such standards? I'm not saying that all of the fire departments standards aren't up to par but this one really isn't making sense. Look closely at that text photo, it is precisely how the second floor of this building is laid out and it will shed clarity. I'm also wondering, did the landlord lie to the fire inspectors about how many residential units there are after perhaps looking up the fire departments standards? I made clear to him I would call the fire department if he didn't remove the screws so he did have heads up.

    I called the Fire department again to thank them for coming while also sharing that I live in a 13 residential unit building and expressed my grievances and disappointment as I do with you now to their answering service. It shouldn't matter if 5 or 50 people live here, we all should be getting access to safety precaution.

    Lets place some attention towards working with the fire departments and their standards to make life safer for all.

    Just below I explain how I lost my internet 6 months ago but for now here is that text photo diagram:


    Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
    David Jeffrey Spetch
    Ps. Be good, be strong!
    Hamilton Ontario Canada

    How I came to lose the internet 6 months ago and something more (you might really get a kick out of this)

    I Had a buddies friend who use to run the building I currently reside in get me into meet the new guy running the building and this was just over 4 years ago around the beginning of Nov 2016. It came with internet included as I always seek, it had 2 bathtubs and one giant shower of which the shower also had a bathtub tap at the bottom which gave plenty of access to fill a bucket for cleaning as well was what we had for doing dishes (shared accommodation 13 units, and yeah a bad and filthy place to be during the so called pandemic) It's an old bar down on the first floor of which I rarely ever went for a drink but my unit is more spacious than some I've had and is well sound proofed. Anyway, for three years it went fairly well until Dec 2019 when I saw the landlord and he tried to pull the wool over my eyes to raise my rent a whopping 70 bucks per month (8 times the legal limit of 1.8 % once per year give or take) which was when the landlord became motivated to, what looks like, try and make me want to leave as I will reveal. I went to pay my Jan. 2020 rent and looked for the landlord at the bar and sure enough he was there. I said hey and that I came to pay my rent when I also came to realize that he had been drinking. When he revealed to be too drunk to write a rent receipt I told him that I would come and find him the next day so he called me a weasel a made a couple of threats. There was a young lady who witnessed this named Lilly and this was her first day on the job of which she wound up filling out the receipt, she witnessed the landlord sign it and me giving him the rent money. I didn't like it but didn't make a big deal of it, hey I've been getting slandered etc. hard core on the front lines for the past 20 years now, kind of hardened in ways many are not so I looked back at Lilly's shocked young face as the landlord left (who is a tiny guy fyi) that I'll be alright, he'd never acted towards me like this before and strongly appeared to be because he was too smashed to write a receipt at that time. I felt bad for the young lady having seen such on her first day. I put that behind me at the time chalking it up as someone having a bad night of drinking and taking it out on me for making himself look bad in front of a new employee as if acting more like a jerk after making himself look bad was somehow in his mind making it look like my fault (such behavior sound familiar anyone?). I came to realize that perhaps he was attempting to label me the weasel for not letting him pull the wool over my eyes the previous month.

    Skipping ahead to June 7th / 8th 2020 without any heads up I recall that the 7th was the last day that I had the internet and the 8th was the first day I noticed (might be give or take a day or two. What gets me is, maybe he's not all that bright but over the years I have lived here we even sat like buddies having a few drinks and laughs occasionally while I openly made sure he was aware of the work I do online and gave him rundown's of the facts I share on the foundations of especially primary issues I address which reveal allot of phonies and liars who even pathetically attempt to label fact as mere opinion to try and make it appear to be an argument to try and confuse thee issue so they can try and force their lies and deceptions upon everyone but anyway I made sure that the landlord knew how important me having the internet was. So this is what makes me more suspicious because if he just gave me heads up that they were going to cut the internet, I could have used the internet to find a place and move but again it could just be that he's not the brightest bulb. The bar was closed due to the pandemic so I saw the landlord maybe once every week or two and he told me he didn't know what happened to the internet and said he would go and ask management of which 2020 suddenly he has management to answer too apparently of which is some older Asain lady and I'm no expert on what part of Asia people are from but the world is aware of China meddling with other countries so I remain justifiably suspicious. Every time I saw the landlord it was he would see management, then for weeks it was I'll let you know next week, then it was maybe it will be back on sometime in September thus stringing me along for months.

    Wait, there is more. 3 years ago the landlord ripped out the bathtub and shower on thee 3th floor and made a little toilet and sink room out of a part of where the bathroom was. About a week and a half / two weeks ago someone clogged our only bathtub left on the second floor and the landlord was renovating another room instead of finishing the shower room so I found him and I told him that the bathtub was clogged. 3 days later I went back up to tell him that now it was smelling like sewage because he left it. He comes down and instead of unclogging the tub, he screws the window and door shut. Two or three days later he comes back, rips the tub out, screws the window and door shut when done so by then the sewage smell was amplified. I suffered a loss of sleep and appetite until yesterday when I got my appetite back but still very tired yet use to being tired from 34 years of emphysema but this is extremely tired. He opened the shower room where you find a sardine can to take a shower in. He never finished the regular bathroom sink and whatever else he is putting in (I think a toilet), not even anything to hang your stuff on.

    When I moved in I had internet, 3 places to fill a pail and do dishes, 2 places I could take a bath and a decently spacious shower with a sound proofed unit. Now I have no internet, no place to do dishes or fill a pail, nowhere to take a bath, a filthy tiny bathroom sink covered in cockroaches which you can barely fit a cup to fill and the landlord wants to come in my room and rip out all of the sound proofing and honestly, the guy next to me cranks his porn like he wants the whole world to hear and I really don't care because as soon as I shut the door to my unit I can't hear it but now that's likely all who remains here in this unit will hear after the landlords so called renovation.

    A few years back as some of you may recall I had a rental altercation with a twisted rental company, I got robbed (as many others did which turned out to be very shady) and since then I decided to try and steer clear of secondary rubbish like tenancy disputes to keep my focus on what goes on especially when it comes to the foundations of primary issues I address for the well being and sanity of current and future generations of the life on this planet.

    This place is filthy, full of slobs and renovations kicking up yucky debris and now my place is filthy and some of my moldy food ware chucked and that was pretty gross as is cooking in a microwave on cardboard. I tell the landlord I have nowhere to do dishes, he tells me use paper plates. I tell him we need access to the fire escape, he tells me if there is a fire jump out your window which changed when the fire inspectors were here suddenly he says the fire truck will come to get me and let me guess, through the back window fire escape after I am well done?!

    A landlord shouldn't be allowed to cut off circulation especially for those of us with respiratory complications. I sit here puking up lung slime in a bucket all day, not exactly a pleasant thing to be around so if you wonder why I am rarely seen it's because I'm puking up lung slime or puking because the slime got into my stomach. Aren't I an adorable catch ladies Anyway in closing this landlord on various occasions for various so called reasons has screwed that window shut and I always reminded him of my breathing condition as well reminded him that the hallway stinks when that window isn't cracked even just a little because back then I was figuring that it would be enough to not even have to get into the fire escape thing because for 3 years we at least got along fairly well. I never wanted it to have to come to me calling the fire department over the years but glad I did because this fire so called safety standard doesn't add up as well the landlord is being more and more erratic and pretty rude as in he even has a stinking old toilet sitting outside my door in the hallway likely thinking it will make me move out right away as in he knows I have emphysema as well it stinks in here and has put a strain on my health. I took all year struggling with emphysema while devising a successful work out formula for me to try and build my body and hoping somehow it might help my cardio a little but it seems the larger I got the more tired I feel from day to day but all in a week or so here recently I lost, I'd say, almost half of what I built just like that because this landlords erratic behavior.

    Now I'll admit, if there was a fire outside the fire door opposing my units door I would run down the hall, jump through the bathroom door, throw something through the window and if lucky get out onto the fire escape unscathed. Not everyone is capable of this which is why it is important that we do not screw shut or block access to fire escapes for the well being and safety of everyone.

    On a side note, it's too bad that the government stole my last 3 2017 GST cheques and sent me a bill for a hundred bucks for them to steal my GST cheques after they requested information to verify that the information I shared with them on my 2017 tax return was exact by faxing them a receipt with the exact same numbers as was on my 2017 tax return. Otherwise perhaps I could afford some sort of econo internet or something but I haven't seen a GST cheque since the last one I got before they stole my last 3 2017 GST cheques I was getting until April 2018 when not anything came. This might make you laugh during a pandemic, when I wash my hands because lets say I want to eat this last week I have to go upstairs in that gross sink, I have to then go through two fire doors and my units door to get back to my unit so by the time I get back it's like I never even washed my hands ... yeah real healthy. Wondering is there any legislation for renovations in occupied buildings during the pandemic?

    I kept the landlords name and the name of the bar out of it, I don't encourage or advocate violence (what violence genuinely is, not what a bunch of intellectually weak, sick and pathetic liars try and make it out to be when they attempt to label parents of children who are being set up for having their reproductive organs destroyed as family violence for simply not supporting the sick unforgivable and inexcusable surgical mutilation of their children's reproductive organs which is much thanks to the sick joke full of lies called the 2017 amendment to bill C-16 proposed by, if I recall, Bill Mulcair) So if you do know or find out where I am and you are ticked, wipe away the tears cause ya miss me but don't bother trying to start something on my account regarding this landlord thanks. In my experience, spiteful people who do things to try and make tenants suffer because the tenant didn't let the wool get pulled over their eyes or a tenant clogged a drain so make all tenants suffer while desiring to renovate the place into a skiddish nightmare should probably seek another occupation for the well being of all involved. Anyway I do not have internet, just imposing upon a buddy and don't know when I will. Don't worry I'll be coming for you Take care and enjoy the day if you possibly can all especially now that you can compare this part of my life to yours and know how much better you have it than I in this department.


    Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
    David Jeffrey Spetch
    Ps. Be good, be strong!
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    We are in an endless duration of constant change where the only thing that doesn't change is that change occurs because energy, matter and time are always present

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    Who in the hell is going to read all that, paraphrase it and tell us what you are attempting to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jeffrey Spetch View Post
    (See included text photo for clarity.)....
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    Easy solution: Leave Canada.
    Stripping Americans of their rights, regardless if inalienable or unenumerated, is against American ideals

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