Everyone knows it. Even democrats know that they cheated. I do struggle to see a path forward at this point, because they will use this to cheat in every election they can.

There are democrats calling for people to have lists and be fired for voting and supporting Trump. That is how far the democrat party has descended. I haven't seen one person denounce that behavior so I can only assume that they support that fascism.

There really is only one option at this point and that is secession. It is time to split the country apart. Let those who want free everything from the gobblement have at it by themselves and let the rest of us live in freedom. I see no other way at this point

The sad part is that the cheating has been so rampant and going on so long that people joke about it. That is what has been allowed to happen

On Tuesday night as Trump was cruising to victory, six states stopped counting after 11pm. All six did it around the same time, then some resumed counting at 4am. Who made those calls? How did it all happen at the same time?

I have never seen anything like that in all my years paying attention to elections. It is unthinkable. But, the press has abdicated their role and are nothing but Pravda for the demalquedacrat party