Slow Joe was hustled 40 minutes from his basement to Philadelphia to read a rabble-rousing speech off a teleprompter.

Like his caporegime B. Hussein Obama, he demanded the Senate heed RBG’s purported death-bed wish and warned of “Anger and more anger", and then had the nerve to say: “This nation needs to come together.”

We’ll overlook his claim that “200 million people have died probably by the time I have finished this talk from complications of COVID-19.”

But there’s no ignoring this laughable statement: “We can’t keep rewriting history, scrambling norms and ignoring our cherished system of checks and balances.”

He probably hasn’t noticed, but the only people “rewriting history” are DEMOCRATS and their supporters — the 1619 Project, anyone?

As for scrambling norms, DEMOCRATS repeatedly say they want to stack the Supreme Court with more leftist justices to dilute the influence of Republican-appointed originalists.

  • So, instead of nine justices on the bench as has been the norm since 1868, they would increase the head count to 15.
  • They also talk about abolishing the Electoral College, granting statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, and dividing California into three states, to entrench their power indefinitely.

DEMOCRATS bypassed established norms to turn the Supreme Court into what former Assistant US Attorney Andrew McCarthy calls a “nine-member super-legislature” to enact social change they couldn’t achieve through democratic means.

Supreme Court confirmations used to be based on merit.

That changed when Biden became chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He presided over the smear of Justice Robert Bork in 1987 and the “high-tech lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991, and joined the destructive campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It was DEMOCRATS who turned judicial nominations into the “Hunger Games.”

Trump nominees received 20 times the opposition of pre-Trump nominees, despite the fact the American Bar Association rated them comparably to their predecessors.

Another norm was smashed by DEMOCRATS in 2013 when Harry Reid took the “nuclear option” to abolish the filibuster for nominations, which ultimately led to the current situation.

So, please, no lectures on “scrambling norms.”