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    Everyone knows that Joe Biden is being used as the "moderate" Trojan Horse in order to try and win the election for the Democrats who are now absolutely not a party of political moderates. The Democratic Party is now being controlled by socialists. Biden himself has said that he would be a "transitional" POTUS, meaning he would probably hand the reins over to Kamala Harris and her hard -left confederate before too long if he were to win the November election. I mean, let's face it, Biden has had it physically and mentally - he's "Weekend at Bernies" material .Conversely Kamala Harris is very much alive and dangerous. "The New York Times" tried to pass her off as a "moderate, pragmatic" politician. It still astounds me what brazen lies the Democrat media in America are prepared to tell Kamala Harris is NOT a moderate of any kind she is a loony socialist on the extreme radical Left of the ideological spectrum.

    I did some research on Kamala's policies, here is a taste of some that are included in her personal Platform....

    (1) She totally rejects a physical wall on the Southern border. (PURE STUPIDITY)

    (2) She has likened ICE - the Federal law enforcement officers whose job is to apprehend criminal, illegal aliens and deport them from the US, to members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK.) (AN OUTRAGEOUR RACIST SLUR)

    (3) She supports the decriminalizing of illegal immigration (MADNESS).

    (4) She believes in providing government - run healthcare for illegal immigrants. (MADNESS)

    (5) She supports the elimination of private health care, that means that some 160 million Americans who currently have private health care provided through through their employer or Union, etc; will loose it. (PURE STUPIDITY)

    (6) She is a co-sponsor with AOC (a 29 - year-old, socialist maniac) of the vaunted "Green New Deal." What is the "Green New Deal" ? In a nutshell, it started in Europe, and it is a socialist attack on capitalism. It would effect everything from automobiles and homes, heating, air-conditioning, the kind of paint you are allowed to use - EVERYTHING. Everything will be regulated by the Federal government in a war on capitalism. (TOTAL SOCIALIST MADNESS)

    (7) She wants to attack energy independence. When finally, after so many decades, the US is free of foreign countries and blackmail from OPEC, she wants to eliminate in short order: coal; oil; natural gas; all fossil fuels and FRACKING. (MADNESS)

    (8) She wants to repeal President Trump's tax-cuts for the middle class. (POLITICAL SUICIDE)

    (9) She wants to massively increase taxes across the board, with a top tax rate of 70 - 80 % (SOCIALIST INSANITY)

    (10) She supports abortion and infanticide and she believes that regardless of religion or moral views the American tax-payer should have to pay for it. - abortion on demand throughout the entire 9 months of pregnancy. She believes the Federal government should have to approve any State law that seeks to regulate abortion in any way before a State can actually implement it.(PURE EVIL)_

    (11) She wants to ban what are today legal firearms by Executive Order, in clear violation of the 2nd Amendment,(ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL STATE TYRANNY)

    (12)She wants to implement massive new regulations across the board ("BIG BROTHER" AUTOCRACY)

    (13) She supports the Obama-Biden "War on the Suburbs" where the Housing and Urban Development would basically decide all issues for the suburbs: how many schools; whether you can have single-family homes; where libraries would be and so on. ( STATIST TYRANNY)

    (14) She supports the (quote) "packing" of the US Supreme Court.(UNJUST/UNETHICAL)

    (15) Harris is farther left than 97% of Democrats in the Senate (according to voting records) she is actually left of avowed Marxist socialist, Bernie Sanders. So she is certainly NOT a" moderate, pragmatic" politician as claimed by the fake - news Democrat press. The Democrat/socialist mainstream media (CNN. MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc) must think the American public are absolute fools. (?)

    (16) Kamala Harris is the most extreme and radical socialist politician ever to run for high office in the United States. Fact. Hers is the most clearly anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-individual, anti-Constitutional agenda that has EVER been presented in American national politics. Fact. (FRIGHTENING IN THE EXTREME)

    Finally, Harris is a very nasty piece of work (remember the utterly vicious way that she attacked Brett Kavanaugh - an innocent man - regarding bogus claims of sexual assault ?!!). She is manipulative, unprincipled WHORE (sorry folks, but that's what she basically is) - a skanky Ho who slept her way up the political ladder using serial Sugar Daddy and political "Kingfish", Willie L. Brown Democrat POTUS, Bill Clinton, engaged in lewd behavior in the White House that bad enough (i.e; receiving oral sex from a girl half his age while the "Hildebeast" was not far away in the Executive Mansion DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT !), but the thought of having a radical, socialist prostitute in the Oval Office as VP, and possibly, POTUS - (because, let's face it, Biden is effectively a "Dead, White Male" who is on his last legs) - is totally beyond the pale. And while Donald Trump is no angel on the love front, he NEVER offered sex for political favors, either to women or from women. Also, he NEVER cheated on someone's spouse to get himself political power the way Kamala Harris did. To me, Trump is a normal, red-blooded male who succumbed to temptation a couple of times SO WHAT !!. He's not the only one, there would be literally millions of married American men who have done the same thing on impulse in an unguarded moment. Women are very artful when it comes to seducing powerful men, they know how to use their feminine "mystique" to wrap them around their little fingers, and I would say that is exactly what Stormy Daniels did to Trump in 2005.

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