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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch Uncle View Post
    You don't think there's enough patriots to let such corruption leak if it was true? No doubt Stephen runs interference for Trump but he's mainly interested in 1) Staying out of prison, 2) Make a Shitload of Money and 3) Suck off Trump enough to have a juicy post-Administration job with TrumpCorp.
    Steven Munchkin is the only one in the entire admin that has any real brains. He's an opportunist, as he made his fortune in Producing some great movies and buying up repossessed real estate for 10 cents on the dollar back when the bottom fell out during the Bushy admin.

    On the surface Steve has been a good treasury secretary maintaining good posture with the FRB. Steven has also taken charge of the Administration and worked with Nancy and Schumer to stiff-arm McConnell to get the relief packages through the last two times. He'll probably have to do the same thing again this time as well- UNLESS McConnell can get his Rebulitards in line to get it passed- WE'LL SEE!

    I'm betting Steven thinks Donald Trump is an idiot, and I'm betting he hates Donald for being such an idiot of a president and fucking up his chance to be the Treasury Secretary for the next 4 years like he planned.

    But the Treasury Secretary is over the IRS and I'm sure the Trump Cronies fill every executive position in the IRS currently.

    We will not know what has gone on in there for the last 3 1/2 years until Biden replaces them all.

    But I also suspect we'll find out a lot once a new admin takes over.

    Whether Steven has committed any crimes, we'll just have to see what unravels.

    If he is clean, Biden may offer him to keep his job!
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