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Thread: Underwater Station

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypress View Post
    Your level of expertise on planetary science, engineering, and astrophysics is close to nil - as is mine - meaning you are not informed enough to have a valid opinion.

    If you supported spending a trillion dollars on the Iraq War Disaster, then you can sit back and keep quite while we spend a few billion on the ISS
    You people who believe that the opinions of only certified experts matter are idiots.....just look at where submission to the experts has gotten almost total collapse from bad quality work.

    To date, the International Space Station has cost as much as $160 billion, with the United States providing the bulk of the money — nearly $100 billion (although it depends how you include the price of the space shuttle program). Russia, Europe, Canada, and Japan chipped in for the rest. It's arguably the most expensive single object ever built.

    . The average cost to launch a Space Shuttle is about $450 million per mission.
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