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Thread: No More Money for the Police (NYTimes)

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    Default No More Money for the Police (NYTimes)

    More training or diversity among police officers won’t end police brutality, nor will firing and charging individual officers. Look at the Minneapolis Police Department, which is held up as a model of progressive police reform. The department offers procedural justice as well as trainings for implicit bias, mindfulness and de-escalation. It embraces community policing and officer diversity, bans “warrior style” policing, uses body cameras, implemented an early intervention system to identify problematic officers, receives training around mental health crisis intervention, and practices “reconciliation” efforts in communities of color.

    George Floyd was still murdered. The focus on training, diversity and technology like body cameras shifts focus away from the root cause of police violence and instead gives the police more power and resources. The problem is that the entire criminal justice system gives police officers the power and opportunity to systematically harass and kill with impunity.

    The solution to ending police violence and cultivating a safer country lies in reducing the power of the police and their contact with the public. We can do that by reinvesting the $100 billion spent on policing nationwide in alternative emergency response programs, as protesters in Minneapolis have called for. City, state and federal grants can also fund these programs.
    We need to reimagine public safety in ways that shrink and eventually abolish police and prisons while prioritizing education, housing, economic security, mental health and alternatives to conflict and violence. People often question the practicality of any emergency response that excludes the police. We live in a violent society, but the police rarely guarantee safety...

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    liberals are so fucking retarded.

    this is what I mean when I say liberals hate america. they hate all our institutions. they hate americas very foundations. they are enemies.

    Grind is one of the internets most beloved and influential political thinkers and deep-level theorists in the modern era. He rose to prominence in early 2015 when he alleged, contrary to the dominant theory of christiefanism of the time, that Bill Clintons wife was indeed running for president and wasn't considering settling down to be a grandmother. In 2016, Grind was one of the key figures in proposing the new revolutionary theory of "30% is not a rare occurrence" which shook up the JPP political landscape like no other theory ever had before. His academic prowess, deep-level analysis and remarkable insight into human nature and psychology will undoubtedly result in further complexities being untangled and laid bare. He currently resides in boston, his hobbies include #rekking libs, vaping, and patriotism. You can find him in a thread near you.

    Testimonials about my patented system:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mott the Hoople View Post
    Grind is basically right
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmal View Post
    Grind’s got you beat by miles. He is very intelligent.

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    This is what bad quality work from the Elite over an entire generation earns us.
    TRUMP....TRUMP.....TRUMP......TRUMP............I am NOT hearing enough about TRUMP!! (barf)

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