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Thread: Georgia is a swing state in 2020

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    Default Georgia is a swing state in 2020

    Given the changing demographics it is a strong possibility

    it will also snap and crack the back of the old south

    Over the past few months, a number of polls have come out of Georgia. Many of these polls have been from Republican leaning groups, raising alarms to fellow Republicans. Looking at all the polling shows a race within a point, and Biden already topping Hillary Clinton's share of the vote from four years ago with plenty of undecided voters. Clinton earned 45% of the vote and lost Georgia by 5 points.
    The polls indicate a state that Biden can win, which is what electoral trends suggest as well.
    Georgia is one of only six states to have shifted to the left compared to the nation as a whole in each of the last three presidential elections. Four of the others are at least leaning Democratic (California, Maryland, Virginia and Washington), while one is a tossup (North Carolina) in 2020. From 2008 to 2016, Georgia has moved an average of 2.3 points left each cycle. Last cycle, it went from about 11.7 points more Republican than the nation to about 7.2 points, a move of 4.5 points.

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    Trumpers, make sure you go to church tomorrow.
    Russian trolls and their supporters go on Ignore, automatically: no second chance.

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