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Thread: Your Daily COVID19 Update - 3/26/2020

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    Default Your Daily COVID19 Update - 3/26/2020

    We are now at 434,595 cases WORLDWIDE.

    As of this posting

    68,594 cases in the United States - 0.02% of our country has tested positive of COVID19
    33,013 (48%) of the cases in the United States come from NYC a democrat sanctuary city
    43,161 (63%) of the cases in the United States come from four democrat run sanctuary states
    1,036 deaths in the United States - 0.0002% of our country has died from COVID19
    576 (56%) from three states - Washington, California and New York and all voted for Hillary
    498 (48%) from two states, Washington and New York and both voted for Hillary

    We have more to fear from the government reaction than we do from the virus

    Many people want to look at Italy and assume that is the worst case scenario that is going to happen here in the United States. It is not. It won't be even close. Here is why

    Italy’s death rate has skyrocketed from 3% in the beginning to 10%
    The United States has decreased from 7% in the beginning to 1.25%

    1) Italy's population is much older than our population
    2) Italy waited too long to shut down its border
    3) Italy's socialized healthcare system was in a shambles prior to this. They have been rationing care for years. They don't have enough physicians, nurses or facilities.
    4) Italy is just letting older people die rather than try to treat them. The media won’t report it

    Now for those wanting to just blame President Trump (because that is what you do)

    1) As of January 23rd, the World Health Organization did not declare this a global health emergency. Everyone said "Listen to the experts". Well that is what the World experts were saying at the time.

    2) On January 31, 2020 President Trump restricted travel to and from the impacted areas for which he was roundly criticized by the democrats in this country and the WHO

    **Full Thread Ban in effect as JPP Leftists are not sufficiently qualified to speak on this topic**
    Influenza 2020: 242,330 confirmed cases and 24,000 deaths - Mortality rate = 9.9%

    Coronavirus 2020: 215,357 cases and 5,113 deaths - Mortality rate = 2.1%

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    Indeed. Mind if I share this, Comrade?

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