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Thread: How Alex P. Keaton Predicted The New Conservative Movement

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    Quote Originally Posted by countryboy View Post
    Funny, but you are the one deflecting. Do you deny Obama put children in cages? You can if you want to, but it's well documented, so that only makes you look stupid, or ignorant. Which is it, stupid, or ignorant? There's no third option.
    Obama did not make it a policy priority, it was an existing policy, and did happened, but unlike Trump, he didn't use it attempting to scare off immigrants with kids, it never became the focus of any immigration policy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woko Haram View Post
    Ignorance isn't a virtue, but neither is elitism.

    There was a time when Democrats actually listened to the white working class rather than putting them down. Establishment Republicans also used to do this. Because elements of both parties continue to insult "rednecks", they understandably choose to support populists.

    You seem to resent the white working class yourself.
    Wanting to better yourself isnít elitist. Sounds to me like you resent people who have risen from poverty to upper middle class prosperity by stint of hard work and effort to better themselves.

    Well hoping some conman populist politician is going to improve your life is a fools dream.
    You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic!

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