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Thread: OK, Let's see CPC Peter McKay or Erin O'toole give one valid reason, even just one!

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    Default OK, Let's see CPC Peter McKay or Erin O'toole give one valid reason, even just one!

    Give one valid reason that there is to be proud of a man humping a man or a woman humping a woman? Giving no answer clearly reveals they knowingly support lies while cowering from fact and are seeking to lead yet another sick liberal party running under the guise of conservative. A couple of phonies want to march in a radical and extremely offensive and invalid freak show.

    Erin O’Toole warns that Peter McKay would turn Conservatives into ‘Liberal party lite’ meanwhile O'toole will sell us out to compulsive obsessive lying deceiving left wing radical bigots as well as you may see for yourself in the video.

    This is sickening!

    Video titled: Conservative leadership contenders start race with stance on Pride parades | Power & Politics


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