Published 3 days ago
Michael Bloomberg is willing to spend $2B on himself -- or another Dem -- to unseat Trump
By Lydia Moynihan, Charles Gasparino, Lydia Moynihan, Charles Gasparino

Every campaign dollar Bloomberg spends is passed onto the backs of every American thanks to the advertising tax deduction. Most of that money is spent on television. Press barons who own the transmitters do not have a prejudice bone in their bodies —— they scoop it up from losers and winners who advertise.

The sad part is that Americans will pick up the tab for a big time loser like Bloomberg. Ditto every loser in every race.

Worse still, big money campaign donors who pick a winner get big favors on top of taking the advertising deduction.

Rank & file donors with no hope of their chosen leader fixing a parking ticket for them get nothing for their double sawbuck.