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Thread: Report will clear FBI of misdeeds in Russia investigation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarod View Post
    It’s out !!!!
    There’s a source named Durham that disagrees with Horowitz lol.
    Coup has started. First of many steps. Impeachment will follow ultimately~WB attorney Mark Zaid, January 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypress View Post
    well done

    The one silver lining about the right-wing media, is they leave their readers minds addled with lies, and consequently right-wingers never have access to good or accurate intel.

    As a sentient person I would rather hear brutal truths than happy lies
    I hope you see the irony in this post. For 2 years you folks waited around for the Mueller report, how did that turn out for you? Now the Impeachment scam is almost near the end. What will be the next fever pitch you will be roped into?

    I'm not surprised one bit at today's findings . You think Mueller and his "goons" were going to admit to anything? A Bunch of Dem donors who hated Trump and wanted him out from before he won (see Struk and Page) They would have needed a witness to come forward. I must admit the Dems are better liars and are better at sticking to them.

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