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Thread: Now that Beven has been given the voter's boot! Moscow Mitch next! Vote blue wave.

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    Default Now that Beven has been given the voter's boot! Moscow Mitch next! Vote blue wave.

    The heading should read "Now that Bevin has been given the voter's boot, Moscow Mitch next! Vote blue wave."

    For the first time in a long time, it appears the majority of Kentucky has come to terms with reality is that republicans are not working for America and not working for the best interests of society but are in it with tRump as antigovernment conspiring traitors, and who also have been messing around with Russians at being a imminent threat. Now that the bastard Bevin who has done nothing but create a terrible form of betrayal in Kentucky got the voter's boot!, and after compromising the state at selling it out to Russians, hopefully Moscow Mitch will be next to get the voter's boot! Democrats should have the opportunity to make America great again as it is the only American aligned political party currently there.

    How Republican Governor Matt Bevin Lost Teachers and Lost Kentucky

    att Bevin, the notoriously unpopular Republican governor of Kentucky, appears to have narrowly lost his bid for reelection in the deep-red state. And experts say the teachers who led statewide walkouts last year are the reason why.
    Kentucky was one of several red states that saw mass protests last year by educators who were fed up with years of education budget cuts and low pay. In Kentucky, teachers called in sick to protest the passage of a bill overhauling the state’s public pension system, arguing it left educators with less generous retirement benefits and would further discourage new teachers from entering the profession."

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