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Hillary definitely had more baggage than Biden, but Biden has a fair amount of his own. And Biden really isn't popular among the Left. So the same way lots of Leftists and left-leaning Centrists weren't motivated to vote for Hillary, I think the same thing is likely to happen with Biden. Both are status-quo establishment-approved Centrists who don't want change.
I'm sure some of that will occur but I think the sentiment against Trump is stronger than that.

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Andrew Yang said something that I think is 100% true. "When we talk about Trump, we're losing." Some people will vote against Trump, but most voters don't vote against candidates. Rather, they vote for candidates. So while Trump probably isn't gaining anymore supporters, what matters is if the Democrat nominee can get enough people to vote for them. I can't see Biden achieving that.
For many voters at this point all Biden has to do is say: "I'm not Trump," and he can basically win the election. Many people are resigned to vote for anybody to prevent Trump, even it it is Biden. And the longer the more progressive side of the left is denied meaningful change, the stronger they will become, taking more seats of Congress, A bigger slice of Democratic Party power, normalizing once-radical ideas over time, until a Warren-like candidate CAN win.

2024 will be the first year AOC will be old enough to run for President.