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Thread: Russians discover new islands exposed by glacial melt.

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    Default Russians discover new islands exposed by glacial melt.

    Melting glaciers reveal five new islands in the Arctic
    Russian navy discovers yet-to-be-named islands previously hidden under glaciers

    The Russian navy says it has discovered five new islands revealed by melting glaciers in the remote Arctic.

    An expedition in August and September charted the islands, which have yet to be named and were previously hidden under glaciers, said the head of the northern fleet, Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev.

    “Mainly this is of course caused by changes to the ice situation,” Moiseyev, who headed the expedition, said at a press conference in Moscow. “Before these were glaciers; we thought they were (part of) the main glacier.Melting, collapse and temperature changes led to these islands being uncovered.”

    Glacier loss in the Arctic in the period from 2015 to 2019 was more than in any other five-year period on record, a United Nations report on global warming said last month.

    Russia has opened a string of military and scientific bases in the Arctic in recent years, with interest in the region growing as rising temperatures open up shipping routes and make hitherto inaccessible mineral resources easier to exploit.

    Ooooh goodie- new resources to exploit in order to add to global warming. We're real smart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moon View Post
    Ooooh goodie- new resources to exploit in order to add to global warming. We're real smart.
    Greed is the cancer that will be the demise of the human race and good riddance to horrible stewards. I guess Putin's net worth of $70 billion USD is not quite enough.
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    It is a tragedy that so much of the work that so many men and women toiled at for so long to make this a better country, and a better world, has been thrown away, leaving us all in such needless peril.

    This is why our separation in all but name is necessary.

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