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Thread: Carry Permits Needed

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    Default Carry Permits Needed

    The Democrat Party spent decades and tens of millions of propaganda dollars trying to convince the American people that the Second Amendment was put there to disarm criminals. It was not:

    Take Democrats at their word and issue carry permits to every law-abiding gun owning American as a matter of personal self-defense.

    Left-wing rioters attacked supporters of President Donald Trump leaving a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday evening assaulting them in groups, setting fire to pro-Trump hats, and attacking the police.

    Riot police stood by as members of Antifa were seen dragging steel fences away from the Target Center. They were filmed by Elijah Schaffer, a correspondent for The Blaze, a conservative news site who was maced as he filmed.

    Left-wing Rioters Attack Trump Supporters Leaving Minneapolis Rally
    by Joel B. Pollak
    10 Oct 2019

    Take this one to bank. Shoot a few well-organized violent Lefties attacking peaceful Americans and the attacks will stop real quick immediately if demonstration organizers get shot first.

    In fact, openly carrying a loaded gun in a gun belt holster is the best tranquilizer available when it is administered to criminals in violent times.

    p.s. Do not rely on armed police to arrest violent Democrats caught in the act or even defend you. Defend yourself protected by a carry permit, or wipe self-defense off the books.
    The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible. Eric Hoffer

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