"It's a familiar response when controversy seems to imperil Trumpís presidency."

"President Donald Trump sits at the center of another brewing scandal ó this one over his communications with Ukraineís new president ó and his allies are already working to debunk, deflect, deny and ignore."

"Every time a controversy emerges that seemingly imperils Trumpís presidency, the same playbook unfolds. Trumpís allies largely sidestep a debate over the event itself, cast blame elsewhere and start rationalizing the presidentís behavior"

ďI think weíre seeing a steady arc of removing constraints and institutional norms that continue to erode so that itís really anything goes as to what heís willing to say and do to advance whatever grievance he has at the moment,Ē said Randall Samborn, a former federal prosecutor and spokesman in the George W. Bush-era


Sound, look, familiar?

Trump not only solicits a foreign entity to get dirt on a potential political opponent, inviting them into our election system, but also pressures them to do so, perhaps even withholding promised aid till the entity agrees. Trump's own Justice Dept refuses to allow Congress see a whistle blower's complaint, that has been upon review judged serious by the IG office, which they are required to do so by law. And Trump sends Rudi representing him to Spain to meet with Ukrainian officials over the request to find dirt on an opponent

And the right's response is again "deep state," and innuendos about Biden that aren't new. From the White House, thru the GOP, FOX, and the demogogues, the response is orchestrated almost as coming from a script, "debunk, deflect, deny and ignore."

Totally predictable, Trump knew what he was admitting when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave not lose votes, he's got a lot of help make that possible