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Thread: Government Reports on Aging, Inequality Tell Us What We Already Know

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    Default Government Reports on Aging, Inequality Tell Us What We Already Know

    Inequality widens in old age, and life expectancy wanes for poorer seniors.
    A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), commissioned by Senator Bernie Sanders, is as disheartening as it is unsurprising: Aging and retirement are much harder on the poor and the vanishing middle class than on the rich. Even Social Security, because of its structure, contributes to income and wealth inequality among seniors. Another report, this one released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday, reiterates the importance of Social Security in combating poverty, particularly among the elderly. On the heels of these reports, Senator Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her plans to make Social Security more equitable, both by increasing payments and by raising revenue through the closure of a tax loophole used by none other than VP Joe Biden.

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    White women benefit the most from social security.

    With the shortest life expectancy, Black men get the dirty end of the stick.
    I condemn the National Socialist German Workers Party, the Socialist Democrat Hate Whitey Party,... and Socialist Workers party heroes, Mao, Chavez, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, Castro and Kim Jung Un.

    Liberal Racist code: Orange is the New White

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