When it comes to this bigot and felon who got a illegitimate pardon from a fellow felon tRump thought the coast was clear to put his tyranny on Arizona again at thinking he would become its deplorable Senator. Well, the general consensus in Arizona apparently disagreed with this washed up tyrant who put a bad image on Arizona as a state that tolerates crimes against humanity, when it comes to giving this felon Arpaio his State senate attempt a crushing Arizona boot! I just hope the next state senator there promotes a more positive, decent and humanitarian image for Arizona.

Former Convict Joe Arpaio Finishes Dead Last in Arizona Senate Primary
And they did. At 11:59 PM ET, the Associated Press declared Rep. Martha McSally (R-Arizona) the winner of the Republican primary to replace retiring Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona). As of 5 PM Eastern Time on Friday, Arpaio only pulled 18.9 percent of the vote with 95 percent of precincts reporting. County-by-county results from the New York Times show that Arpaio also finished last in his home county of Maricopa, getting less than one-third of the votes McSally got in the same county."