I posted dozens of messages since 2016 challenging Hillary Clinton claim “I won the popular vote.” I was wrong when I said she got 2,500,000 million votes from illegal aliens.

A “liberal professor” and self-avowed “strong public supporter of Hillary Clinton” is warning that Google manipulated millions of votes for Clinton in 2016.

And he expects the company to go “all out” in 2020.

BizPacReview reported Robert Epstein made the comments to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution on July 16.

“You testified before this committee that Google’s manipulation of votes gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the year 2016, is that correct?” asked Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at the hearing.

He confirmed that is correct, explaining it was done through biased search results.

“I believe in democracy. I believe in the free and fair election more than I have any kind of allegiance to a candidate or a party,” Epstein said.

In an interview with WND last December, Epstein – who was famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner’s last Ph.D. student at Harvard – said his peer-reviewed research over the past half decade shows that “not only does Google have the power to shift votes and opinions on a massive scale, they actually use that power.”

Epstein told the senators he expects Google could influence as many as 15 million votes next year.

“In 2020, if all these companies are supporting the same candidate there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace,” the professor said.

He said that in 2018, Google and Facebook were more aggressive than they were in 2016.

“We have lots of data to support that, and in 2020 you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out.”

Epstein said the methods of influence are invisible, subliminal and “more powerful than most any effects I’ve ever seen in the behavioral sciences.”

He explained that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, could “send out a ‘Go Vote’ reminder just to Democrats on Election Day” and that wouldn’t cost him a dime.

Now I find out that Hillary got the votes from Facebook!

Epstein told the senators that the 2.6 million figure for votes influenced by Facebook in 2016 was a “rock bottom” estimate.

It actually could be as high as 10.4 million.

Besides search engine manipulation, the company used search suggestion results and answer bots, he said.

Which means that, without the outside manipulation, Clinton might have lost the national “popular vote” as well as the Electoral College in 2016.

Hillary fan warns: Google gave Hillary millions of votes in 2016
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Since 1945 the entire media-education-entertainment complex spent billions of tax dollars pushing the American people toward a global government administered by the United Nations. Call it manipulation, call it propaganda, or simply call it a plain old-fashion conspiracy. Now they are in a position to achieve their objective for pennies.

. . . the U.N. crowd spent a fortune on the Clintons since 1990. They expected a big payoff in 2016, They came up empty. A win in 2020 is their last chance to recoup all the dough they have been spending on Hillary Clinton since 1992.


I was twice-wrong about the 2016 election. It was never about the money, nor was it about President Hillary Clinton and Secretary-General Bill Clinton:

The global government crowd has so much time and money invested in the Clinton dream of President Hillary Clinton and Secretary-General Bill Clinton saving the world together they have no choice but to send good money after bad.


Big Tech can deliver global government for peanuts, and it matters not which Democrat lives in the White House. Every one of the wannabes works for the New World Order crowd.

This was the scariest of all nightmares in 2016: President Hillary Clinton, U.N. Secretary-General Bill Clinton, Speaker of the House Nutso Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Senator Vomit Schumer.

Before the Clinton dream makes you take the gas pipe remember that Obama also sent his résumé to the New World Order crowd.

Washington rumor has it that Obama wants to be U.N. Secretary General.

There are several reasons that make that likely, and if it's true, it throws new light on a lot of Obama's oddities -- including his Royalty Bows, his Apology Tours, his Muslim Sellout, and the Benghazi Cover-Up.

May 25, 2013
Benghazi and Obama's Ambition to Be U.N. SecGen
By James Lewis



I knew the Clintons had their eye on the Secretary-General’s job for a long time, but I have to admit that before 2013 I never thought the lying sack of shit was in the running for the top U.N. job.

NOTE: Obama and the Clintons after the same job triggered a monumental struggle in the dark corners of the New World Order.

One of the reasons that Clinton so desperately wanted the Secretary-General’s job was to hide the enemy factor justifiably associated with the office itself. Clinton was counting on not being seen as an enemy in the eyes of the American public. After all, he is “we.” The mainstream propaganda machinery would have reported any opposition to Secretary-General Clinton as “The Clinton-haters are at it again.” After the American public bought into Secretary-General Bill Clinton he could then make the theft of American sovereignty easier for himself, and easier for every Secretary-General that came after him.

Take a look at how one becomes Secretary-General. Secretaries-General is chosen by the General Assembly after they are recommended by the Security Council. Hence, any one of the five permanent members of the Council can veto a nomination before they are offered up for a vote in the General Assembly. In that case another nominee is found.

Incidentally, in theory a Secretary-General may not be a citizen from one of the Security Council's permanent members. In fact, it is general rule that allows an American Secretary-General rather that a prohibition set in stone.

NOTE: President Bill Clinton vetoed a second term for Boutros Boutros Galli so Goofy Annan could hold the seat for Secretary-General Bill Clinton.

It is important to examine why four of the five permanent SC members would not veto Clinton. The four are France, Great Britain, and Clinton’s old pals in Russia and China.

Clinton long-demonstrated that he wanted to abolish sovereign nations; including the independence of his own country. Clinton’s track record earned him the trust of the International community. They knew he would do the right thing because the U.N. is his second loyalty. The New World Order crowd is first. That is what counts to U.N. member states, and that is why Clinton would never be vetoed by the four I listed.

The U.S. is the fifth SC member and the only possible member that might veto Clinton. Bush the Younger, and the Chicago sewer rat are New World Order guys; so they would have supported Bill Clinton 100 percent. To be fair, I doubt if any president could standup to media venom that is sure to spew out after such a veto. Indeed, media mouths would go ballistic if any siting president vetoes an American nominee for Secretary-General.

Over the years my opposites scoffed every time I warned that a President Hillary Clinton and a Secretary-General Bill Clinton would kill America’s independence as sure as night follows day. Many said that he would never get the job because the General Assembly would not vote for him. Others said that China and Russia would oppose Clinton with a Security Council veto when, in fact, those governments would have welcomed him with open arms as would the General Assembly. Ask yourself why?

The SC understands how much the majority of Americans despise the U.N. They know that the American people will always hold a foreign Secretary-General in contempt. They also know that an American Secretary-General is the only hope of convincing Americans the U.N. is their friend. In short: The sales pitch says the U.N. is mankind’s only hope of avoiding nuclear war, global warming, poverty, curing HIV/AIDS, and God only knows what else. To close the sale an American Secretary-General is absolutely essential in order to kickoff a media propaganda campaign like you never thought possible. Every time Secretary-General Clinton uttered a word —— the press would report it around the clock as though utopia finally arrived.

Why not Secretary-General Clinton? Where is the harm?

1. The U.N.’s Declaration of Human Rights is a blueprint for a global welfare state paid for with taxes levied on the wealth producers in First World countries. Clinton’s knowledge of how Washington works would go a long way towards paying for worldwide welfare state with income taxes.

2. Clinton is not alone in his betrayal. There are a lot of influential Beltway insiders who will help Clinton abolish America’s sovereignty. They include a few Republicans as well as every elected Democrat.

3. Secretary-General Clinton, working with President Hillary Clinton, would use their political savvy to finally put some kind of an international tax like the Tobin Tax in place.

4. Secretary-General Bill Clinton working against America’s independence arm in arm with President Hillary Clinton would have been the end of this country.

Over the years my opposites scoffed every time I warned that a President Hillary Clinton and a Secretary-General Bill Clinton would kill America’s independence as sure as night follows day. Many said that he would never get the job because the General Assembly would not vote for him. Others said that China and Russia would oppose Clinton with a Security Council veto when, in fact, those governments would have welcomed him with open arms as would the General Assembly.

Finally, in one sense President Obama, and his Secretaries of State, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, did a pretty good job for the United Nations because Obama got unconditional support from Third World blacks. With the MSM covering for them there is no telling how much unending damage that unholy trinity achieved by way of betraying this country.