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Well, that is a bit of exaggeration, but hard to believe with everything occurring in today's world you would think what a community calls their manhole covers merits attention.

How much does that "push for gender neutral terms" actually affect your life? Do you really concern yourself with it or waste time even thinking about it? Who, and why, would anyone care?
In case there is any point of confusion I'm not on the Berkeley City Council who voted on this nor do I write for SF Curbed or the SF Chronicle who both covered this. Why would a fairly large City vote on this will all that is going on in the world? Like a lot of local papers the SF Chronicle is a shell of its former self but nonetheless it's our largest daily, why would they report on it with all that's going on in the world?


And I'll repeat, this isn't the issue of gender neutral words isn't a new one. Most of us don't spend out time thinking about it. However clearly there are folks that do. And there's a push to use terms such as "they" instead of he and she when describing people. So this isn't some one off random thing.

You are free to give zero fvcks like Domer. I posted this to see if anyone here had strong feelings about it. If they do, I'd like to hear them.