Then-Senator Joe Biden thought the United Nations would call the shots in Iraq:

Exclusive poll: Biden's Iraq War vote already a liability in 2020 campaign
05/15/2019 05:02 AM EDT
Updated 05/15/2019 10:15 AM EDT

Biden’s real motive was exposed; so now he is covering up his loyalty to the United Nations by calling Bush the Younger a liar:

During a speech on Saturday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden addressed his vote for the Iraq War and stated that he made a mistake by trusting President George W. Bush.

Biden said, “The mistake I made was trusting President Bush, who gave me his word he was using it for the purpose of getting inspectors in to see what was going on, whether they were producing nuclear weapons.”

Biden also stated, “My mistake was looking a man in the eye who hadn’t lied to me and said, I’m not going to take us to war, this is merely to get inspectors in.”

Biden on Iraq War: ‘The Mistake I Made Was Trusting President Bush’
by Ian Hanchett
13 Jul 2019

Saddam Hussein was the only one who made a mistake when he trusted U.N.-loving Democrats to protect him. Democrats, especially then-Senator Clinton, repeatedly said that they voted for the war resolution because they thought Bush the Younger would let U.N. weapons inspectors “finish their work.” Their “work” was supposed to go on indefinitely. Bush outsmarted the Democrats and defended the country unilaterally when he invaded Iraq.

Conversely, Bush the Younger did the Right thing when he invaded Iraq without the U.N.’s approval. The important factor is that every country is free to withdraw from the United Nations. None will —— so long as the United Nations gives them American taxpayers.

It was a safe bet that the U.N.’s chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, and his weapons inspectors were cutting a fat hog in the ass in Iraq. Remember how the weapons inspector used to take a pleasant drive every day going wherever Saddam’s security forces led them. A million or two for each inspector was a drop in the bucket to Saddam when compared to the billions of dollars going through U.N. headquarters for the Oil-For-Food program. Tens of billions of oil money was being ‘distributed’ by United Nations parasites. Saddam was no fool when it came to bribing corrupt U.N. officials. He made sure that everybody got a taste.

Relying on weapons inspectors was a clever way to exercise U.N. control over the U.S. military. In fact, Democrats were always determined to hand military authority to the U.N. anyway.

Also, Blix blurred the line between nuclear and non-nuclear WMD . Blix seemed to think that his reputation was so sterling he could get away with denying Saddam’s chemical and biological weapons.

The US based its war on Iraq on claims the country was hiding weapons of mass destruction and had active programmes to produce more. UN inspectors had not found stocks of chemical or biological weapons by the time they were forced to leave the country on the eve of the US-led attack.

Mr Blix told the German paper that his teams remain to help the search if required.

Blix casts doubt on WMDs
Fri 23 May 2003 10.39 EDT

Joe Biden and Hans Blix were classmates in Clown School where they studied under:

To cite Blix as a reliable source on Saddam’s weapons program was absurd. Once a clown always a clown. Even in retirement Blix did not have enough sense to button his lip and enjoy his fat U.N. pension, and whatever else he squirreled away. The last thing the U.N. wanted was have their former star clown reminding the world of the Oil-For-Food scandal during Goofy Annan’s regime.

After Mohamed ElBaradei was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize it was reported that Hans Blix said the award was "very encouraging and fortunate."

The IAEA and Mohamed Elbaradei, Blix's successor as Director-General of the agency, won the prestigious prize for their work in preventing the spread of nuclear material, and its use for military purposes.

Hans Blix says Nobel Peace Prize will strengthen IAEA
Oct 08, 2005, 00:00 AM IST

Off the record Blix was heard complaining “We was robbed.” Poor Blix. He could not find sand in the Sahara Desert —— then he was aced out by his old pal ElBaradei who split the 1.3 million dollar prize money with the International Atomic Energy Agency. If there was a charitable bone in ElBaradei’s body he would have slipped Blix a few bucks for keeping the faith.

For the record, this is what nuclear wannabes think about the IAEA:

Incidentally, Biden always votes against victory for this country. He did it in Vietnam and followed through in:

The Persian Gulf War In 1991, Biden voted against the successful Gulf War though most historians now believe it was a well-executed, agile use of American power. According to a report in The New York Times back then, Biden "scorned the other members of the anti-Iraq coalition" because they saddled the U.S. with most of the hard sacrifices.

Joe Biden's History of Making the Wrong Call
John Hudson
Jan 31, 2012

Democrats voted for the Iraq War when they mistakenly believed that United Nations inspectors would make the final decision. Democrats turned against the war when Bush the Younger invaded unilaterally. Their story is “I was for it before I was against it.” That political slogan whitewashed Democrats in their their effort to turn victory into defeat. Their effort paid off, but not as much as it did in the Vietnam War.

Parenthetically, it did not take long for Trump to go swimming in the swamp he once promised to drain. Obama and Hillary toppling Gaddafi for the United Nations taught Trump nothing about the U.N. ordering the U.S. military to engage in a little democracy-building à la Afghanistan.

Bottom line: Afghanistan is a United Nations war. Should President Trump pull out of Afghanistan he is going to pay the same price media mouths made Bush the Younger pay when he invaded Iraq unilaterally. Indeed, the war in Afghanistan is a United Nations war; so media mouths will say anything that sells this country the U.N.’s moral worldview.

Putting the U.S. military under United Nations control is not a conspiracy theory. It is a full-blown conspiracy that began 74 years ago —— longer if you start the clock in 1920 before the failed League of Nations changed its name to United Nations.

Since 1945 most American presidents not only acted in the best interests of the United Nations they served at the U.N.’s pleasure. Media condemnation reined in every president who dared to put America’s self-defense ahead of the United Nations.

Every personal attack in the Left’s deck of cards, fascist, racist, white supremacist, blah, blah, blah say the same thing. That is the only way they can defend the United Nations without exposing their global agenda. Do a little research and you will find tons of attacks on Bush, but you not find one word about Democrats defending the United Nations.

QUESTION: Did you ever hear a president, or a member of Congress, campaign on support for the United Nations?

ANSWER: NO. You never will even though the United Nations is the first loyalty to most of them.

A United Nations INTERNATIONAL COALITION in the Gulf War stopped Bush the Elder from going all the way to Bagdad. Had Bush toppled Saddam Hussein in 1990 there would have been no need to invade Iraq after 9-11-2001.

Parenthetically, media mouths applauded Bush the Elder’s Desert Storm because the U.N. was in charge from start to finish. Desert Storm —— like Korea —— was a Peace Without Victory war. Total Victory was secondary. Total defeat in the Vietnam War was primary because the United Nations opposed victory.

One way to put Pearl Harbor in perspective is to look at all of the noise Democrats made, and still make, over the Iraq War —— Bush lied about Saddam Hussein’s WMD and so on. Liberals even claim that the attack on September 11, 2001 was a conspiracy engineered by Republican warmongers. Interestingly, it can be said that WWII was a conspiracy engineered by Democrat warmongers in order to save the Soviet Union.

No Democrat Party war is ever fought to defend the country first and foremost. In fact, Democrats prefer losing a war rather than win a war they do not agree with as Vietnam proved.

Bush the Younger committed the ultimate sin when he invaded Iraq unilaterally without the U.N.’s final approval. The war in Iraq was reported in such a way it made the U.S., and specifically Bush the Younger look wrong because the U.N. was exposed for what it is before the invasion even took place. If American troops were fighting under the U.N.’s house flag, the press —— print and electronic —— would have hailed Bush the Younger as the second coming of FDR.

Finally, this country should keep its nose out of the internal affairs of foreign countries that do not pose a military threat. Most of all, this country should never get sucked into defending the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.