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Thread: Anybody think we are 'over breeding' the Planet?

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    Hi Jack,

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    What you say sounds like common sense to me.
    There seems to be a lack of consensus on what 'facts' we are using.
    If one person claims 'Climate Change' is our Greatest Threat and is caused by 'Human Activity'. And the next person claims 'Climate Change' is a Chinese Hoax and there's more than enough Land for doubling of the World Population, then you're not going to resolve anything.
    I like the common sense approaches to things.

    The world is currently so crowded that people have become accustomed to waiting. Too many people all wanting to do or get the same thing at the same time, and so they wait. Wait to get into a movie, wait for a traffic signal to turn green, wait for traffic to clear out, wait to check out. We have a culture with waiting areas, waiting lines and waiting rooms, just for waiting. It's ridiculous.

    Who in the world LIKES waiting?

    Nobody that I can think of.

    If we had fewer humans we wouldn't have to wait as much for things.

    A statistic is compiled about what we do with our time. A certain percentage of our time is spent waiting. Not many people think they are put on this planet to wait for things.

    Everybody would have a better life with less waiting if there were fewer of us.
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