This is SI's early college football predictions.

#1 - Clemson.
Still got lots of talent, including a future Heisman caliber QB. But that front 4 on the D line was what made last years team so dangerous. 3 of them went in the first round of the draft. Yeah, they'll be in the mix at the end of the regular season.

#2 - Alabama.
Much of the offense is back, and added some new talent behind Tua. Great recruiting means there are people ready to step up. Since Saban has been in Tuscaloosa, when Bama got smacked around at the end of the previous year, they came back with a vengence.

#3 - Georgia.
#4 - Ohio State
#5 - Notre Dame
#6 - Oklahome
#7 - Michigan
#8 - Florida
#9 - Texas
#10 - Texas A&M