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Thread: More evidence the GOP has lost its mind at forsaking America in favor of the devil

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    Default More evidence the GOP has lost its mind at forsaking America in favor of the devil

    Based on the following atrocity among TEA GOPers and along with their evangelical hypocrisy, it appears they continue to betray America ultimately as in on the down low at being slaves of the devil. This includes and to which their souls are liable to suffer a eternity of a burning hell fire, and the gnashing of teeth as a result of their deplorably ways while alive on Earth. As such, it appears Muslims and true non terrorist Muslims can claim superiority over this demonic and blasphemous atrocity among anti-American conspiring TEA GOPers. God bless.

    GOP Lawmakers Plan For 51st “Christian State” To Be Based On Biblical Law

    Dreams of Christian theocracy: Republican lawmakers are raising money to promote a plan for a 51st “Christian state” which would be based on Biblical law.
    Last week GOP lawmakers held a fundraiser for the proposed creation of a 51st state called “Liberty,” a “Christian state” that would “span parts of Washington and Oregon, as well as Idaho, Montana and Wyoming” and be based on biblical law.
    The movement to create a Christian state in the Pacific Northwest is being led by Washington state Rep. Matt Shea"

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    1. Matt Shea is playing to a religious base that is all hot air.

    2. When worrying about this, refer to #1.

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    They could just join Westboro and save a lot of trouble.

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