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Thread: It appears tRump has confessed to collusion or conspiracies against the U.S.

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    Default It appears tRump has confessed to collusion or conspiracies against the U.S.

    The maniac and tyrant in chief tRump brazenly indicated he would accept foreign involvement at manipulating the 2020 election as he did in 2016 again, although his kissers were denying he ever conspired or colluded with foreign or domestic diabolical elements to destroy the integrity of the 2016 election. As such, it appears motor mouth tRump who is caught up in his euphoria of arrogance at thinking he has America and civilization beat, has admitted he is willing to engage in treasonous activities again and when he stated 'again' means that the Dotard admitted he indeed conspired with foreign elements against the 2016 election, which is treason, a high crime and a huge felony. Yet I wonder did the supreme maniac tRump realize that his efforts to conspire against the mid terms against democrats failed as mechanisms to which antigovernment conspiring GOPers were oblivious to when it comes to getting the womp womp affect thwarted that attempt, and it surely can happen again. This in order to achieve a legitimate election in 2020 for a change that is in compliance with the will of the majority voter and U.S. Constitutional law. tRump needs a long time coming b!tch slap. Also when it says that anything someone says can and will be used against them in a court of law, and to which this warning definitely relates to this felonious and treasonous so-called president. Therefore, after digesting this putrid reality of tRump, a true patriotic person would indeed want to see him and his kissers that stand with him in their smirking anti-American and treasonous glee in prison.
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