I now know that children have been running the institution for a century:

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

For all of the hundreds of messages and thousands of words I wrote about private property Rights I will forever be indebted to A. Dru Kristenev for showing me the connection to children and adult parasites who never “. . . put away childish things.”:

Each toddler goes through the stage of identifying everything as belonging to them. They’ll hold tightly to an item that is another child’s and refuse to give it up, sometimes yelling “no” at the top of their lungs. They haven’t grasped the concept of ownership beyond claiming as theirs what they see and want. Young children can’t see past the expectation that their immediate desires are fulfilled without hesitation.

Anyone who has raised children or taught them has experienced the unrestrained wants of little ones that can compel them to swipe toys, food or shiny objects, grasping them to their chest in a death grip.

It takes time but most children learn to accept that every item they come across isn’t theirs to play with, eat or dispense to their friends on a whim. They are trained to understand and honor the idea of ownership, to realize that some things simply aren’t theirs to keep or give away.

How is it, then, that full grown men and women still wallow in infancy, demanding power over other people’s property, calling it theirs and deciding when and how to take it?

This childish behavior describes the essence of socialism that culminates in full-blown communism. At the core of this “fairness” ideology are adults who never outgrew the terrible twos.

Socialism: Humanity's terrible twos
By A. Dru Kristenev
June 11, 2019


Whatever else this country’s Founders were they understood private property Rights. That is why they made property Rights the heart and soul of their Constitution. Every childlike parasite that came along after the WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE ended demanded the political power to diminish property Rights so they could make the world a better place with somebody else’s property.

Civilized man seem unable to break away from ancient government crimes perpetrated by the same personalty type century after century. There have been struggles against government parasites all through history, yet scholars, philosophers, educated men and women never took the step that would permanently arrest the power of government over the very people who are forced to support the parasite class. This country’s Founders took that step and made the world better for it.

The concept of government is eternal, but mortal governments are born, grow old, and finally die because they all live the same way. It is the enduring marriage between brutal suppressors and champions of the people that give birth to the same old government villainy time after time. It is difficult to determine which of the two begins life with the worst intentions, but it is easy to see that everyone suffers under both because parasites always become jackbooted suppressors and so it begins again. A new beginning is what this country’s children claim while they lead the rest of us back to every government evil that ever existed.

Children who remain children from cradle never stop believing that the government replaces their parents. If there is any truth in a child’s belief why have so many forms of government been destroyed by parasites since the beginning of time?

Parasites transcend time. Socialism just happens to be the ideology 20th parasites preach to sell utopia.

Parasites will always find a way get paid for doing nothing more than preaching their moral garbage. That is why parasites brought down every civilization, every empire, every country, every culture that ever was, than did any other factor. This country will be no different so long as income is taxed.


If just one of those governments children love so much would have gotten it right, the people in every country would imitate it.

Or perhaps too many people are simply afraid to set out on an uncharted course. And so mankind continues on the same course; even to the point of creating a global government fashioned after all of mankind’s proven failures. A supreme one government world will not commit itself to individual liberties strengthened by absolute private property Rights no matter what global village advocates now say. Governments possess awesome institutional power. That power is inevitably used to enslave in one form or another. That fact alone should warn decent-people away from even more government despite the Utopia parasite children promise.

Without property Rights every other Right is meaningless. More so when every individual is his own private property. Indeed, what in hell good is freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press without property Rights? (To democracy-loving parasites the Rights of criminals and Muslim combatants is more sacred than property Rights.)

Obviously, constitutionally protected property Rights is far beyond a child’s understanding.

If the U.N. could make so many inroads in the Unites States, just think of what it is doing in countries where most people have no private property to defend. A substantial portion of the world’s population do not even understand how private property Rights are intertwined with individual liberties. U.N. educational efforts teach uneducated people all about their responsibilities to the environment, but it cannot seem to teach those same people the practical applications and benefits of individual liberty. One of the things U.N. advocates have always done is to use those politically naive people as a threat by turning the Third World against the United States.


Finally, Socialist children demand revolution so they can redistribute property they do not own.