View Poll Results: What should JPP do with its threadban feature?

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  • I am NEUTRAL on this issue. I truly do not care one way or the other.

    10 20.83%
  • KEEP threadbans.

    24 50.00%
  • ABOLISH threadbans

    14 29.17%
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    Exclamation THREADBAN POLL 2019


    Once again, we are revisiting the issue of whether or not JPP should have threadbans.

    • This poll will be open for 10 days. It's starting 12:00amish monday so It will close 12:00amish thursday next week. I want everyone to have the opportunity to vote. Walls might be spammed O_O

    • If the vast majority of people vote rather quickly it may be closed earlier.

    • If the vote appears to be an obvious runaway it may be closed earlier.

    • VOTE WILL BE ANONYMOUS, even after votes are in. That way, if you wanna be two-faced and claim you hate threadbanning but secretly you want to support it, you will be allowed to do so. The mod team will not out you.

    • We might however provide general stats if people are interested, and in the name of transparency.


    Rule 1 - Only those that meet the following qualifications are allowed to vote -

    - must have 500 or more posts
    - must have a JPP account for at least 6 months

    Rule 2 - DO NOT multi-vote

    We might have to count up 50+ votes, I dont' want to IP check everyone. If you multi vote and we catch you, none of your votes will count, and it may lead to a ban of an unspecified length. If you end up voting twice on different names because you are a retard and can't help yourself, let us know before we find out on our own.

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    Testimonials about my patented system:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mott the Hoople View Post
    Grind is basically right
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmal View Post
    Grindís got you beat by miles. He is very intelligent.

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