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Thread: "Trespassers in the WH" Trump official calls SENS Graham, Cruz, Sasse!!

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    Default "Trespassers in the WH" Trump official calls SENS Graham, Cruz, Sasse!!

    Apparently they went over to try and talk Trump down outta of the rafters and to call an end to his FAKE 'emergency' before the VOTE yesterday. The official isn't named. I'd love to know who it is...

    Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz labeled ‘trespassers’ by Trump official over unannounced visit to West Wing: report

    14 MAR 2019 AT 19:39 ET

    Composite image of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) via screengrabs.

    Two prominent members of the U.S. Senate tried to save President Donald Trump before he was publicly rebuked, but only “irritated” the commander-in-chief, Politico reported Thursday.

    On Thursday, the Republican-controlled Senate voted 59-41 to block Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund his border wall after 12 GOP senators voted against the President.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) were part of a Wednesday evening effort to save Trump.

    “That night, GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska arrived at the White House virtually unannounced but eager to discuss the impending vote and find a way for them to vote against the resolution,” Politico reported. “The senators, who gave little advance notice of their intention to drop in on the president, found him having dinner in the White House dining room.”

    One West Wing official reportedly complained about “trespassers” in the White House.

    Trump legislative affairs chief Shahira Knight reportedly told colleagues the meeting “probably did more harm than good” because the senators irritated Trump....

    House Republican leadership has sent a memo to GOP
    members of Congress directing them to
    lie about
    right wing white supremacist gun massacres,

    to call it“violence from the left.”

    Raw Story as reported by TAMPA BAY TIMES, August, 2019
    Talking points obtained from a 5 page memo in a leaked email sent to REP Bilirakis, FL (Tampa)

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