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Thread: Why the liberal nation of Denmark will dump unwanted refugees on a remote iskand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisasanders1964 View Post
    The government in Denmark is a coalition of various parties. The Prime Minister is a member of the Vestre party which describes themselves as CENTRE-RIGHT.

    "Venstre is the major party of the centre-right in Denmark, and the third largest party in the country. The party has produced many Prime Ministers. Denmark's current government is a minority government consisting of Venstre, the Liberal Alliance, and the Conservative People's Party, with external support from the Danish People's Party" courtesy wikipedia.

    Just because some people call them a liberal party doesn't mean they are actually liberals. In Australia the government is a coalition of the Liberal and National Parties. The National Party is mainly a bunch of white men who don't believe in climate change and oppose same sex marriage and 'laughingly' claim they represent the farmers and rural folk. The absurdly named Liberal Party is traditionally a centre-right party but has moved very very very far to the far right. There is NOTHING liberal about this Liberal Party.

    So nice try to make out that liberals are racists and cruel to refugees. But the Danish government is very much a rightwing government. You know like Australias and AmeriKKKas - where treating refugees inhumanely is approved by rightwing conservative 'christians'.
    That should pretty much put an end to the implied theme of the thread, but something tells me these facts will be largely ignored and it will still be liberal "hypocrisy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    I'm glad it's not a problem for you, have you suggested that Denmark could dump the undesirables in Britain?
    Maybe liberal California might take them the like illegals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
    Maybe liberal California might take them the like illegals.
    Mmmmmmmm, doubtful.

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