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Thread: "12 immigrant workers at Trump golf course fired"

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    Default "12 immigrant workers at Trump golf course fired"

    "A dozen immigrant workers at one of President Donald Trumpís golf clubs in New York who are in the U.S. illegally were fired this month even though managers had known about their legal status for years, a lawyer for the workers said Saturday."

    "Many of them had worked at the club for a dozen or more years, he said, and managers knew they had submitted phony documents but looked the other way."

    So let's see if we have this straight, Trump employs illegal immigrants and at the same time wants Americans to fork over billions to build a concrete reinforced Wall to keep out illegal immigrants, correct? I thought he told us these people were ISIS terrorists, M13 gangsters, and carrying diseases, so why are they working for him?

    Love to see a Trumpkin explain that one

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    Trump isn't our 45th American president; he's our 1st Russian one.

    Remember this on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

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