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Thread: Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Until we can explain early 20th century warming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iolo View Post
    Couldn't we send all these flat-earther weirdoes to some other planet so that we can get something done about the merry fruits of capitalism?
    At least the Welsh Windbag is being honest, which is more than most will admit. Climate alarmism is first and foremost politically driven in nature, the opportunistic Left has seen a way to achieve their control freak agenda by using it as a decoy. He is a unrepentant Marxist and supports all the tools of the extreme Left including agitprop, dezinformatsiya and infiltration.
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    In rejecting their view [Spinoza, Leibnitz and Hegel], as I shall contend that we must, we are committing ourselves to the opinion that “truth” in empirical material has a meaning different from that which it bears in logic and mathematics.”

    Bertrand Russell, “An Inquiry Into Meaning & Truth” (1940)

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