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Thread: TRUMP, "we need money for that BARRIER". 'a barrier' today...

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    Default TRUMP, "we need money for that BARRIER". A wall, today a barrier, tomorrow ....

    Come on people seriously? YESTERDAY AT THE 'WALL' photo-op IN TEXAS, he was looking at some tall protruding 'metal' sticks/slats/post/poles', and told the border patrol, there is nothing better than a WALL. Today he says congress has to get back to fund the "barrier"!

    (This is the first time I've heard barrier. That's a new one for me)

    They can name it whatever. They can name it ‘peaches.’ I don’t care what they name it. But we need money for that barrier,” he added.

    And this from THU...

    Visiting a border patrol station in McAllen, Trump viewed tables piled with weapons and narcotics. Like nearly all drugs trafficked across the border, they were intercepted by agents at official ports of entry, he was told, and not in the remote areas where he wants to extend tall barriers.

    Still, he declared: "A wall works. ... Nothing like a wall."

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    You're truly deranged, seek help!!
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